New WordPress Editor: Gutenberg is in early beta and needs testers

Earlier today, I started a Storify to collect all the resources and blog posts about the Gutenberg Editor. It was released in it 0.2 version just around WordCamp Europe. Matt Mullenweg ran a demo video during his interview with Om Malik on WordCamp Europe Second Day. The Storify has all the links and post from the core team working on the Gutenberg Editor with instructions on what to test and how to submit feedback. It might be worthwhile to review the already reported issues and chime in there instead of submitting the same issue again. Testing early versions of software is your special kind of fun. So unless you like working with unfinished tools, don't do it. Just read some of the blog posts. It will not be in the next version 4.9. And it's not clear when WordPress 5.0 will come out. It definitely depends on how far the Gutenberg Editor can be pushed forward. On our Testing & Training site, I posted small notes about my first steps with Gutenberg. So here is the Storify: WordPress Gutenberg Editor - What is it, how to test and what other people think

Birgit Pauli-Haack

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